Adventuresome is the collective name of my anthropomorphic animal creations that originated from two characters that I created in middle school.

I had originally drawn an anthropomorphic guinea pig in the simple style that I drew characters at that time. He was named Gus after the guinea pig from Chip n' Dale's Rescue Rangers. He didn't have any ears, and I really liked giving characters spiky hair at the time, so he had spiky hair and fur on his face.

We have had guinea pigs and rabbits, and the two animals seemed to go hand in hand. So I drew a rabbit that was nearly identical to Gus except for having two spikes in his fur instead of three as well as small spikes of hair between his ears in opposition to the large spikes of hair that Gus had. He always had one ear straight up and one ear curved downward. I named him Rob to keep the alliteration of the names of the characters and their species in tact.

When I finally was able to play Sam & Max: Hit the Road in the mid-1990's after I got a computer with a CD-ROM drive, I enjoyed the game so much I thought it would be fun to try to make a game in that style with my guinea pig and rabbit characters. I bought Klik n' Play from Electronics Boutique simply for that purpose.

I designed a simple point and click adventure game called The Adventures of Gus and Rob, with many of the same play features as Sam & Max: Hit the Road (including the ability to use Rob as an object in puzzles). It didn't have a real storyline, and abruptly stopped without an ending. I finished it in my junior year of high school. In my senior year of high school I fixed a bug that bothered me. I couldn't figure out how to make an animation loop in movement, so the Gus would slide across the room on one leg with his other leg up in the air while I played an audio file I made that said "Zipping Right Along!". I corrected the movement, removed the zipping right along audio file and uploaded it to my webpage.

The Adventures of Gus and Rob got me my role as the yellow alien in Stollesoft's Beware of the Aliens. It's a role of which I'm still proud. It's the only role I've had in a project that wasn't mine. It's a lot of fun to try to think of a character's voice that someone else made as opposed to a character you made yourself, since you usually have a voice in your head for your own character when you make it and someone else's character you have to come up with the voice based solely on the character's appearance and attitude.

I made a Gus and Rob webring that only consisted of two pages I made. The page commented on the fact you couldn't tell what species Gus was and asked if he was a bear. It seemed that everyone I talked to thought he was a bear, so he's gone from guinea pig to bear and remained that way to this day. He now has ears too!

I haven't yet made anything new with Gus & Rob yet, and unfortunately The Adventures of Gus and Rob is lost in the recesses of the internet. I did make a simple one room demo of a game for the Neo Geo Pocket Color as well as the Dreamcast, but nothing really came of those.

I decided to introduce a new character named Kate Cat, which I had intended to premiere in a cartoon based on our troubles with an inflatable pool. That cartoon has not yet been made. Gus made a cameo in New Year's Resolution. Gus, Rob, and Kate appeared in my Slipping Serenity music video (via the title card from the aforementioned pool cartoon) as well as the Saint Patrick's Day 2011 Jenni webcomic strip.

I have since added another character named Dana Dog. She hasn't yet appeared in any of my short cartoons, webcomics, or video games.

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