Amy Pond

Amy Pond is a Scottish woman who is the main companion of the eleventh doctor in the fifth series (31st season) of the British television series Doctor Who. She is played by Karen Gillan. I'm not quite sure what to make of her just yet. She seems like a good companion for the doctor, but so far she hasn't really offered the doctor any real help that he couldn't have done with anyone else, except for her role in saving a species in the second episode of the fifth series, "The Beast Below". This was my favorite Amy episode, but so far she hasn't shown this side of herself again.

The eleventh doctor met Amy as a little girl right after he regenerated. She complained of a mysterious crack in her bedroom wall, which the doctor investigated and found it to be connected to an escaped prisoner named "prisoner zero". This crack was later discovered to be a crack in the fabric of time and space, which would erase anyone from existance, and everyone except for time travelers would forget they had ever been born. The crack was surrounded around Amy, as it seemed to be following her through time and space.

Amy was engaged to be married to Rory Williams, who joined the doctor as a companion in "Vampires in Venice", a trip which the doctor intended to be an engagement gift to the couple. In the episode "Cold Blood", Rory was shot and later absorbed by the crack, disappearing completely from time. It was then revealed that even a time traveler would forget someone was born if that person was connected to their own personal time line. The doctor tried to help Amy remember Rory, but it was unsuccessful, and Amy soon forgot that he had ever existed.

In the episode "The Pandorica Opens" Rory is brought back to life as an Auton living plastic Roman soldier, who was placed there by the Nestene Consciousness to give false comfort to Amy Pond and the Doctor. As the Auton soldier, he stays with Amy Pond for 2,000 years while she is inside of the Pandorica. In the season finale, "The Big Bang", once the eleventh Doctor enters the crack in time, everything he has done (at least during his eleventh incarnation) appears to have been reset, and Rory is brought back to life as a flesh and blood human, along with Amy's previously missing parents, and the Doctor is forgotten in time. In the final scenes, Rory and Amy wed, and Amy remembers the Doctor with the help of River Song and her now blank diary. The Doctor is brought back into existence, leaving a room full of confused wedding attendees (which is reminiscent of "The Runaway Bride" and the Sarah Jane Adventures episode "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith"). The Doctor refers to Rory and Amy as Mr. and Mrs. Pond, rather than Williams (and does so again in the Sarah Jane Adventures episode "The Death of the Doctor").

In the episode "A Christmas Carol", Rory and Amy are on their honeymoon aboard a space liner with 4001 other passengers, as it is about to crash into the planet below due to an artificial cloud system controlled by a miserable old man named Kazran Sardick. Amy appears in hologram form to the Scrooge-like Kazran as the "Ghost of Christmas Present" to try to convince him to save the people on board.

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