I've been using Apple stuff since I was a little girl. I have great memories of playing the educational video game Oregon Trail on an Apple ][ computer at my primary school. My dad had a Macintosh for his work, and when he would bring it home my sister and I would have a lot of fun with Kid Pix drawing weird things and copy and pasting icons, then creating stories with those drawings and having the computer voice read them back. :)

Apple, Inc. is a company founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976. I was familiar with Steve Wozniak before, since he created the game Breakout for Atari that inspired one of Dad's favorite games, that I also love as well, Taito's Arkanoid. But now, I'm familiar with him in personality as well as in name thanks to his time on season eight of the US version of Dancing with the Stars. :) I loved his personality a lot on that show, and you could tell he tried really hard. I enjoyed his quick step a lot, especially in the dance off (which I think he did a lot better than he had the night before) and when he danced it again during the finale.

I somehow managed to avoid getting an iPod, and only just recently got an MP3 player of any kind. I have, however, become quite fond of iTunes. I love the way you can list your songs by album in a grid, and even songs purchased on eMusic can be used in the iTunes player, and are recognized automatically. The iTunes store is a great way to get Disney and Pixar short films, as well as music videos, which is what I primarily use it for. :)

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