BeOS was an OS made by the company Be in the mid 1990's. They released a free personal version of their last revision, R5. I quite liked it when I tried it.

BeOS doesn't work on current computers, so people are making free alternatives to BeOS by recreating the OS from the ground up, in an operating system called Haiku.

Haiku is quite impressive, as it looks, feels, and acts just like BeOS, and even runs some programs that ran on the original. I've been playing around with Haiku quite a bit, and have been getting used to the quirks of the system.

In order to compile libraries, some flags have to be set in configure (since Haiku isn't a recognized OS most of the time, and it doesn't install it's libraries in /usr/).

./configure —build=i586-pc-haiku —prefix=/boot/common (if that fails —build=i586-pc-beos seems to work)

That should do the trick. :)

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