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May 10, 2010 - Catch Up
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Since I posted last month, a lot has happened. I finally figured out what was wrong with me (after 11 hours in the emergency room!). I had a really bad sinus infection. I'm feeling a lot better now.

I took my cake lessons my sister bought me for my birthday. Despite feeling horrible in each class due to my sickness (and missing one since it fell on the day I was in the ER forever), it was a lot of fun. So I created three creative, beautiful cakes (well two cakes and two cupcakes! :)) last month.

I joined iFreelance, so hopefully I'll be doing some freelance art work soon (if my bids are accepted). There was one that I'd love to do that is more than I ever did before, so I wouldn't know what to bid. My mom suggested I try a 20 minute cartoon to see how long it takes me so I can put a bid in. So, I'm now creating a television pilot. I always wanted to create a television show, so this is one step in that direction. :)

I've started a webcomic. It's semi-daily (it was daily up until May 1. I haven't updated it since, but I haven't forgotten it). I'm especially proud of the 10th issue. It's flash instead of a plain PNG because it's a surprise animation. I think that's the first of it's kind for webcomics. It's amazing how much freedom the internet gives you with stuff like this that you couldn't even imagine doing in print. :)

I'm still working intermittently on my adventure game. I decided on the engine I want to use for it, and I'm learning the scripting language for it.

I am going to move the files over from our old computer to our new one, so my book will be moving over. I really want to continue writing it. My plan is to finish it by November so I can write another book (maybe the sequel) for this year's National Novel Writing Month.


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