Bone is a comic book series by Jeff Smith about three creatures called Bone cousins who are chased out of their village of Boneville and wind up in a human village. The Bones come from a society which uses money, and the oldest cousin Phoney Bone is greedy and is always coming up with schemes to make himself richer (which never work out). The tallest cousin is Smiley Bone, who sees the bright side to everything. The main protagonist is Fone Bone, who ends up falling in love with the human girl named Thorn. Thorn is protected by her grandma, Rose, who is usually referred to as Gran'ma Ben, and the owner of the Barrelhaven tavern, Lucious. They are all being chased by the rat creatures for reasons unknown to any of them, and the Great Red Dragon keeps helping the Bones for some reason, but no one believes Fone Bone when he tells them about the dragon.

I became interested in Bone from the video game adaptations of the first two books in the series by Telltale Games. Later, I read the complete comic series since it seems very unlikely Telltale will ever finish their games since they lost the rights.

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