Broken Sword

Revolution Software gave the sourcecode to their second game, Beneath a Steel Sky, to the ScummVM team to add to their awesome program. Revolution also released the game for free legal download for use with ScummVM. I had never heard of Revolution before, as I didn’t venture out too far from LucasArts when I was looking for an adventure game to play when I was a little girl.

I absolutely loved Beneath a Steel Sky, so I researched Revolution to see what else they had made. I bought Broken Sword I and II on eBay in cheap UK Sold Out Software re-releases, and tried them out in ScummVM to see what they were like.

Broken Sword blew me away. I was impressed with the storyline of Beneath a Steel Sky and the game world that Robert Foster inhabited, but Broken Sword showed me that Revolution was worth every penny of my money as much as the LucasArts of old.

The game opens with our hero, American tourist George Stobbart at a cafe in France. He witnesses a murder, and is soon put on the list of suspects by the police. He meets a journalist named Nico and the two soon realize that the murder was just the tip of the iceberg.

The art of the game is truly beautiful. The animation is fluid, the backgrounds are vibrant, and the characters have a wonderful look that’s not too cartoonish while also being not too realistic. It’s a perfect blend that really adds to the dramatic storyline.

The voiceover work is also excellent. I can still hear George Stobbart’s voice in my head, even months after playing the game. The music is not instantly memorable, but it fits the atmosphere wonderfully.

There is at least one instance where it is possible to die, so saving the game while playing is definitely recommended. I don’t like the save early, save often mentality of some adventures, and luckily Broken Sword is not like that. It seems that the only way to die in this game is to do something that defies common sense.

This game definitely is in my top 10 favorite adventure games list. I’m glad ScummVM introduced me to Revolution, as they have opened my eyes to possibilities beyond the SCUMM. :)

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