Broken Sword II
When I downloaded Beneath a Steel Sky after the freeware re-release, and loved it, I just had to play the other Revolution games. I bought both Broken Sword I and II to play through ScummVM. I loved Broken Sword, even more than I loved Beneath a Steel Sky, so I was really excited to play the sequel.

It was fun, but it never reached the heights of the original. As I'm writing this, almost three years after I last played the first two Broken Sword games, I remember the first game vividly while the second is a distant memory. It just didn't strike a chord with me as much as the original.

But it was still a good game. It had the same beautifully fluid animation, the puzzles were pretty well thought out, and some of the more zany characters from the first game make a return. This game really didn't have any stand-out new characters though. One thing that I did like about this game was that you could play as Nico in parts of the game, which was something you couldn't do in the original (although they added some playable Nico sections in the director's cut of the original game).

The ending also seemed quite abrupt. I think this game might have been a bit rushed, since the first two games are only one year apart. Another year in development, and this game might have been great, as it is it's still an above average adventure game, and certainly one worth playing at least once.

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