Dc Animated Universe

The DC Animated Universe is one of my favorite TV shows. The idea of a continuity among many different animated shows is definitely something I aspire to do myself one day.

I love that the shows allowed for so much character development over the course of 15 or so years. I never considered myself a comic book fan, but I love character development, so I fell in love with these shows. Batman was the most developed, and I've grown quite fond of him as a character. I also enjoy Wonder Woman. Even though she's one of the least developed in the Universe, having only appeared in two shows, I love her characterization and especially the relationship between her and Batman.

I enjoy The Zeta Project a lot, and I'm sad that it got canceled. It was so much different than the other superhero cartoons, and reminded me a lot of The Pretender (a show I absolutely loved) because Zeta could be anyone he wanted to be, and often used that ability to help people (as well as the fact that he was chased by a secret branch of the government).

I liked Static Shock, but I have to admit I enjoyed the adult Static from Batman Beyond and Justice League Unlimited more than the teen Static. It's a shame no more DCAU shows are being made. I'd love to see an adult Static series.

The show I've seen the least out of all the shows is Superman. I liked what I've seen, but I never really got into it when I was younger, and they rarely play it anymore except late on random nights on Boomerang, so I can never catch it on TV now.

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