Differences Between PC Versions of The Secret Of Monkey Island

LucasArts released The Secret of Monkey Island in four major versions for the PC: EGA, VGA, CD-ROM, and Special Edition.

The EGA version had a text inventory, changing sun positions over the harbor, and a more cartoony style of the closeups. It also contained the famous "stump joke" in the forest where guybrush tried to go through a stump to "a system of catacombs" with the player only to be jokingly told to insert disks that didn't exist. There was also a joke referring to a skeleton as an "emancipated Charles Atlas" that was changed due to legal issues.

There was a VGA floppy version that was nearly identical to the EGA version, except of course for the improved graphics. It still had the stump joke, but the changing sun positions were changed to a constant moon over the harbor, the Charles Atlas joke was changed, and the closeups featured a more realistic style.

The CD-ROM version was an enhancement of the VGA version. It still had the changes from the EGA version with one more change. The stump joke was removed and replaced with the "plain old stump" line. It had an inventory similar to Monkey Island 2, with graphic icons representing the inventory instead of text. It also featured CD audio, with the games soundtrack enhanced for CD.

The latest version is the Special Edition. It is an enhancement of the CD-ROM version. Everything that was changed from the EGA version in that version is still changed here, including the removal of the stump joke. This version features high definition graphics, completely redrawn artwork, the insertion of more injokes (such as Manny's skull from Grim Fandango appearing in the catacombs) and the changing of one injoke (the Sam & Max idol in front of the giant monkey head has been changed to Purple Tentacle from the Maniac Mansion series due to the video game rights of Sam & Max now belonging to Telltale Games). The music has been remade using live instruments, and ambiance has been added to some scenes where there was previously silence. The inventory has been changed so that the graphics take up the entire screen. The classic CD-ROM version of the game can be played at any time with the push of a button.

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