Doctor Who

Doctor Who is one of my favorite TV shows. I started watching it in series 5 (season 31), with the eleventh doctor Matt Smith. The first show I saw was the two part episode "The Time of Angels" and "Flesh and Stone". After that, I was hooked. I saw the rest of the fifth series up to that point, since there was a marathon on BBC America. Then I started watching the episodes with the tenth doctor, David Tennant, on re-runs on BBC America, which just happened to be showing starting with the first tenth doctor episode "The Christmas Invasion". After that, I tracked down the Christopher Eccleston ninth doctor episodes, finished watching the tenth doctor episodes on BBC America and SyFy, and watched the rest of the eleventh doctor episodes on BBC America and BBC iPlayer.

I also played and enjoyed the episodes of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games. I enjoyed all five quite a bit. I was excited when it was announced, because it was being overseen by Charles Cecil, who is the founder of one of my favorite adventure games developers, Revolution Software.

I'm all caught up on the new Doctor Who (as well as the 1996 television movie), and I'm debating whether to watch the old ones. I have since watched Trial of a Time Lord, because I wanted to see who the Valeyard was after reading fan speculation that the metacrisis Tenth Doctor might be him.

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