Eighth Journal Entry

May 23, 2009 - Beef & Lamb Gyro
There was a little hot dog and hamburger place in the mall that I loved, but it's closed now. My mom and I went to the mall today to eat in the food court, and I was happy to see that a similar shop had opened up in the same location.

I was looking through the menu, at the hot dogs and steak sandwiches, when I came upon the gyros section. I had never eaten a gyro, but I had heard good things about them. I tried lamb at the fantastic Blue Dolphin Greek restaurant once, and did not like it very much.

But, I had read several articles on gyros that said that lamb was the way to go, so I decided I'd be brave and try the beef and lamb gyro.

I'm really glad I did. :) The lamb still had a hit of it's odd taste (I call it the "lamb" taste, since there's really no way to describe it - it's not sweet, it's not salty, it's not tangy, sour or bitter. I'm positive lamb has it's own taste bud section on the tongue. :D), but the gyro sauce, and toppings of cucumbers, sour cream, and tomatoes actually complimented the flavor. It was really good. smiley.gif
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