Full Throttle

Full Throttle is the tenth game to use the SCUMM scripting utility. When Full Throttle first came out it didn’t interest me too much. It is a story about brutal biker gangs with a hard rock soundtrack. Neither of those were appealing to me in the least.

However, when I purchased the LucasArts Archive Vol. III, I decided that I might as well give the game a shot and see what it’s like since I liked every LucasArts adventure game that I had played. I’m very glad that I did, since Full Throttle turned out to be one of my all-time favorite adventure games.

I love a strong story, and Full Throttle has a whopper of one. People say that Full Throttle is short, but I was so engrossed in the story that I never even noticed it’s short length. Another reason I never thought that the game ended too soon is that the ending sequence is my favorite finale I have ever played in an adventure game.

The game has a fantastic cartoon style to it, and the animation is so fluid that it still looks great to this day. And of course, as is true with all of the adventure games by LucasArts, the voice acting was fantastic. I’m not the biggest hard rock fan, but the intro animation to the game really made me love The Gone Jackals’ song “Legacy”. Thankfully for me though, the hard rock songs aren’t used too much, and most of the game has calmer music by Peter McConnell.

About the only thing that I didn’t enjoy was the few action sequences where you had to knock bikers off of their motorcycles on the Old Mine Road. It was frustrating, seemed unnecessary, and was more work than fun. Thankfully, this sequence wasn’t too long, as it was really used for only one puzzle.

The rest of the game was great though, and the one quibble I had with it doesn’t stop Full Throttle from being in my personal top 10. It’s one of the few adventure games I’ve played many times after I’ve beaten it. The story is worth experiencing more than once. smiley.gif

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