gbicon.png Game Boy

Game Boy was Nintendo's first handheld video game console that took cartridges. I never owned a Game Boy when I was a little girl. Sega's "creamed spinach" commercials worked well for me, since I owned a Game Gear and never had an interest in a Game Boy, despite owning all of Nintendo's home systems. Many years later, I picked up a Game Boy at a second hand store along with Tetris. I enjoyed it a little bit then, but not enough to entice me to pick up more cartridges. Many more years later when I started collecting video game systems, I decided to give the Game Boy a second chance. I'm glad I did because there are some good games for it, despite it being a black and white system. The Super Mario Land games were the only games in the Mario series that I hadn't completed for the longest time (although since I don't own a Wii or a Nintendo DS yet there are many more games I need to complete now). I'm glad I played them now, because they're very different from the home games in the Mario series, but they're just as fun.

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