gamecube.png GameCube

The GameCube was Nintendo's fourth video game console released outside of Japan. Like most Nintendo systems, I got the GameCube within the first few years of it’s release. I haven’t played very much of it, as I enjoyed the PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast more in the 128-bit generation.

I did enjoy a few games quite a bit. I played Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64 really late, since I bought it from a friend after the GameCube was already out. I enjoyed Super Mario RPG a lot, and it had a lot of nostalgia value to me, since it was the first RPG I ever played. So, I was excited to get a chance to play it’s sequel. Paper Mario turned out to be a different game, while still feeling familiar. I liked it a lot, so I decided to rent Paper Mario: The Seven Year Door for the GameCube. It was just as fun as the original, and seemed to have a more entertaining plot.

I also enjoyed Super Mario Sunshine, although it is definitely my least favorite Mario platform game. Mario Kart: Double Dash was a lot of fun, but I still enjoy the earlier Mario Kart games more.

My original GameCube broke, so I had to get a new one. When I did, it was the time that the Zelda package with Zelda 1+2, Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask came bundled with it. I still have not yet completed any of those games, but I intend to some day. With the bundle, I’m more likely to achieve that goal than I would before, since Ocarina of Time and Zelda 1 were the only games for which I ever owned the cartridges.

The only GameCube game that had me hooked for a while was Animal Crossing. It was a lot of fun to earn money to buy stuff for my house, and even more fun to buy the classic NES games that could actually be played. I was an Animal Crossing addict for a while, I would come home after work and spend at least 3 hours a day building up my home. :)

The GameCube to me seems kind of like a middle ground between the Nintendo 64 and Wii. There weren’t a lot of new game ideas here. The games mostly built on the foundations that Nintendo set with the Nintendo 64. The games were still fun, but for the most part they didn’t suck me in like the earlier Nintendo games had.

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