Geocaches I Found In New York

This is a journal for the geocaches I found in New York. Clicking on the link of the cache will lead you to a journal describing my experience at that location. If you want to find the cache yourself, you might not want to click on my geocaching log. I won’t give away any specifics on the exact location of the cache in my journals, but there may be bits inside that may potentially spoil the location for you. If you want my comments on finding the caches without the details, click on the logo (gclogo.gif?w=14&h=14) for my log for the cache.

cache.gif = Traditional, multi.gif = Multi, letterbox1.png = Letterbox
cache.gif 10/22/08 North or South? Pine Valley gclogo.gif?w=14&h=14
cache.gif 10/22/08 Everything Including the Kitchen Sink West Elmira gclogo.gif?w=14&h=14
cache.gif 10/22/08 It's Your Call Elmira gclogo.gif?w=14&h=14
cache.gif 04/21/08 Turn Around Cache Big Flats gclogo.gif?w=14&h=14
multi.gif 01/27/08 Elmira's Famous #4 Elmira gclogo.gif?w=14&h=14
multi.gif 01/26/08 Elmira's Famous #2 Elmira gclogo.gif?w=14&h=14
cache.gif 01/25/08 Not a Tank Elmira gclogo.gif?w=14&h=14
multi.gif 01/25/08 Eldridge Park Cache Elmira gclogo.gif?w=14&h=14
multi.gif 01/22/08 Elmira's Famous #3 Elmira Heights gclogo.gif?w=14&h=14
cache.gif 07/25/07 ZOMBEK et al. Elmira Heights gclogo.gif?w=14&h=14
cache.gif 07/23/07 Merry Christmas Cache Elmira Heights gclogo.gif?w=14&h=14
cache.gif 07/23/07 Citizen's Cascade Elmira gclogo.gif?w=14&h=14
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