January Animation Month

January Animation Month is a monthly challenge I started because I wanted a challenge like the February Album Writing Month or the National Novel Writing Month for animation.

The purpose of the challenge is to make an animation a day for a month in January (except next year I'm going to make the rules a bit more lenient and make it 31 animations in January so that people can join late or catch up if they get behind).

For the first January Animation Month in 2011, I finished 31 animations (and completed my first challenge ever: spurred on by the fact that since I created it I didn't feel it would be right if I didn't finish the first year's challenge :)).

I compiled my 31 animations (along with a scene from my first short cartoon The Cupcake Topper and a title card from an as-of-yet unreleased animation) into a short cartoon called Slipping Serenity, which is set to the song I made during February Album Writing Month 2011, "Slipping Serenity".

I continued January Animation Month for 2012, but I didn't act as a good host that year and didn't do any animations myself until the last day so no one did the challenge with me. I ended up doing two Jenni webcomics like the previous year, as well as an animated gif and a sequence for a sketch comedy television show I've wanted to do since the early 2000's.

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