Kim Possible 3: Team Possible

Kim Possible 3: Team Possible is the third game in the Game Boy Advance/Nintendo DS Kim Possible series. I really liked the older Disney-licensed platformers like Capcom's DuckTales and Virgin's Aladdin, so I thought I'd see what the Disney cartoon platformers are like today.

I must have picked a good one, because I loved A2M's Kim Possible 3. It's a really fun platform game that's definitely one of the under-appreciated gems. I've seen a few episodes of the TV show, and enjoyed a couple of them (the Drakken episodes are pretty much not fun to watch, once you've seen one you've seen them all, with the exception of the episode where Ron turns evil and Drakken turns good, which I did enjoy), but the whole Kim Possible concept actually seems to work better as a platformer in my opinion.

The animations were fun (I loved Ron's happy, smug look as he ran) and the gameplay was solid (I especially loved the Bionic Commando grappling hook). This is definitely one of those Disney licensed games that I'd put up there with the DuckTales and Aladdin Disney games from the 1990's. It's that good. :)

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