Lair Of The Leviathan

I finished Lair of the Leviathan. I really liked this one. It was interesting to see Morgan’s reactions to how Guybrush gets through situations. The new characters were fun. I enjoyed De Cava’s paranoia, the upbeat song the bongo player would play if you’d ask him, and it was great to hear the voice of Phoney Bone again. Most of all I enjoyed seeing Theodore Dudebrough from Telltale Texas Hold’Em again. They said he’d disappeared after his poker tournament. I guess we know where he disappeared to. :D

Most of all, in this episode, I enjoyed Murray! This is my favorite appearance of Murray ever. I enjoyed him in Curse, but other than the scene where he fell in the crypt, I didn’t find him that funny. In this game, I got quite a few laughs out of him. He seems a lot like Bender from Futurama here, which is a great thing, since he’s always had that evil but not so evil vibe about him. :)

I also enjoyed the manatees a lot. Oh, and I loved the locket puzzle. The Voodoo Lady’s animations made me laugh out loud. :D

And, another great cliffhanger ending. Episode four should be a lot of fun!

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