Leisure Suit Larry 2

Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking For Love in Several Wrong Places is the second game in the Leisure Suit Larry series, and is the first game where Al Lowe had complete control over the story, the characters, the puzzles, and the story. And it shows. This is a much better game than the first one.

Having thought he found love in the original game, he learns the hard way that sometimes women want casual sex with no commitments as well. Naively, Larry moved himself into Eve's apartment without Eve's consent, and naturally Eve tells him to move out.

From there on, things become weird, and in a good way. Larry cheats himself into a lottery drawing and actually wins a million dollars, along with a cruise ship ticket. But that's just the start of things, as Larry is soon hunted by the KGB and a ruthless billionaire.

The story is full of Al Lowe's trademark humor, and is quite fun. As with the first Larry game (and most of Sierra's adventure games), there's also a lot of in-jokes of other Sierra games to be found. There are still a few dead ends here (as is common in most Sierra games), and some of the deaths are still a bit unfair (such as one regarding eating a meal Larry orders), although this time none of the deaths are those that wouldn't happen in real life (at least none that I could find).

This game is where the Larry series starts to pick up steam, and it is definitely worth playing (if you don't mind the text parser and keyboard (or mouse) interface, since, unlike the first game, this one never got a full point-and-click remake).

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