Loom was the fourth game to use the SCUMM scripting language. Loom is a real departure from the average LucasArts adventure game, and I think that it is brilliant. It has one of the most engrossing storylines that I have ever had the pleasure of playing in any adventure game. The game takes place in a fantasy setting, so the classical music by Tchaikovsky fits in perfectly. My favorite version of the game is the PC CD-ROM version, as it contains full speech for the game, and as usual for LucasArts productions, the actors perform their job admirably.

The interface is completely different from any LucasArts game that came before or after it. It consists of a staff with musical bars that can be used to play “drafts”, which are the spells that the main character, Bobbin Threadbare, can use to manipulate his world. This leads to some freedom in the game, as you can use the spells on certain objects that are not required to complete the game. The interface is a little cumbersome, as it’s not as fluid as the other SCUMM games since the spells rely on memory (or more specifically, musical notes that you wrote down in the spells section of the game’s manual).

This is the only game in the LucasArts catalog that I feel absolutely needs a sequel. The ending of the story closes on a cliffhanger, and it really leaves you wanting more. It would be a shame if we never find out what ultimately happens to the land of the great guilds.

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