Mario and Barbie Profession Comparisons

Barbie has had many jobs over the years. The only other character that could even come close would be Mario. So, I decided to make a list just to see how these two multi-professional people compare.

Mario Barbie
Doctor Doctor
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Dr. Mario: 1990 Doctor Barbie: 1989
Teacher Teacher
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Mario Teaches Typing: 1991 Teacher Barbie: 1995
Basketball Player Basketball Player
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Mario Hoops 3 on 3: 2005 WNBA Barbie: 1998
Soccer Player Soccer Player
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Super Mario Strikers: 2005 Soccer Barbie: 1998
Golfer Golfer
3290861613_07a1ac783b.jpg?v=0 3290861591_63121f4a43.jpg?v=0
Mario Golf: 1999 Barbie Golf: 2008
Tennis Player Tennis Player
3291753218_586d752732.jpg?v=0 3290942181_1db95f8644.jpg?v=0
Mario Tennis: 2000 Tennis Barbie: 1986
Baseball Player Baseball Player
3291723004_f00e4ab614.jpg?v=0 3291045309_e37576818e.jpg?v=0
Mario Superstar Baseball: 2005 Baseball Barbie: 1992
Kart Racer Kart Racer
Super Mario Kart: 1992 No Kart Racer Barbie
Motocross Racer Motocross Racer
BS Excitebike: 1997 No Motocross Barbie
Carpenter Carpenter
Donkey Kong: 1981 No Carpenter Barbie
Plumber Plumber
Mario Bros.: 1983 No Plumber Barbie
Janitor Janitor
Super Mario Sunshine: 2002 No Janitor Barbie
Construction Worker Construction Worker
Wrecking Crew: 1985 No Construction Barbie
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