New Year's Resolution

New Year's Resolution was my second original short cartoon. It was the first cartoon based on my webcomic, Jenni. It also contained a cameo of a character I created in high school, Gus the Bear.

Since I wanted to post it everywhere, I had to make sure I used music that had a license that permitted me to do so. So, I decided to use the song Happy New Year by the band J.E.L.L.i, which is based on a traditional song which is most commonly sung with the lyrics to the Robert Burns poem
"Auld Lang Syne".

This cartoon was created on January 1, 2011 as my first cartoon for January Animation Month (a challenge where the participants try to create 31 animations in January). I updated it on January 2 to make the animation better fit the music and to make a different video game parodies for each month. I uploaded it to my YouTube page that day.

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