Pac-Man is a maze arcade game by Namco. My dad loved the Pac-Man arcade games, and he got me hooked on them as well.

I like Pac-Man, but its sequel Ms. Pac-Man has spoiled me. In this game, the mazes remain the same, but the speed of the enemy ghosts get faster as the game goes on. The bonus fruit also stays in the middle of the screen in this game, whereas it moves around the maze in the sequel.

Unlike his wife, Pac-Man eats everything not just power-pellets, ghosts, and fruit. The bonuses range from the usual fruit, to Galaga ships, and keys.

My favorite version of Pac-Man is the Xbox Live Arcade version for Xbox 360. You can continue right of on the level on which you last died. It also has achievements, which have spoiled me in the motion control generation. :)

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