Peasant's Quest

Peasant's Quest was a nice, pretty long adventure that was very much like the old Sierra games from the 80s. It even contains some pretty weird puzzles with weird logic like those old games, but in this game most of the weird logic puzzles were optional.

I'm a fan of, so it was a lot of fun to see a lot of the references in the game to the cartoons on the site. There was a line that Strong Bad typed in his Strong Bad email show that showed up a joke comment in the representation of the game on his computer. I tried it on the game myself, and I was excited to see that it actually worked. smiley.gif It didn't do anything really, but it was fun, in a geeky sort of way, to see. mrgreen.gif

The Videlectrix adventure games that I've played have been pretty fun. I hope they make more some time (not counting Telltale's Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People of course, although I'd definitely like to see more seasons of that too! smiley.gif)

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