Puzzle Games

As I stated on the platform games page, I enjoy games with a story most of all, but I do enjoy games with little or no storylines too. Puzzle games definitely fall into the "no storyline" category, although some (such as Dr. Mario 64) do have basic storylines and simple endings.

As with most (if not all!) people who enjoy puzzle games, I really enjoy Tetris. My favorite Tetris variations are Tiny Tetris on the Sega Dreamcast VMU (because it's actually the full Tetris game in it's tiniest bite-sized version) and AGI Tetris (because it challenges you to 10 levels with a simple ending after the end, and because it's run on Sierra's adventure game interpreter and can actually be played with ScummVM on just about anything :)).

I also enjoy Dr. Mario, Columns, Puzzle Bobble, and Wario's Woods. Stack'em, Makeover Madness, Penguin Blocks, and The Poppit Show! on Pogo are a lot of fun too.

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