Rise Of The Pirate God

I finished the last episode of Tales of Monkey Island, Rise of the Pirate God. I enjoyed the exploration of death in here, just like I did in Sam & Max Season Two’s What’s New, Beezlebub? and earlier with Grim Fandango. Out of all three though, the Pirate afterlife is surprisingly the most boring. With such areas as treasure hunting, swordplay, and thievery as places for the pirate dead to explore, you would think it would be a lot more lively. It all seems pretty sparse, and very lacking in pirates. Especially since LeChuck’s rampage brought many deaths for many pirates.

I did enjoy the rest of the game though. It was fun exploring LeChuck’s states of undead as Guybrush, although a Demon pirate Guybrush would have been fun. :) The new states of LeChuck and Elaine were great though. LeChuck was really a lot more brutal than he’s ever been before, and Elaine’s new form makes her poxed form look tame.

None of the new characters were standouts for me, although I did enjoy them. I enjoyed what became of pyrite parrot, and it was great to see Anemone back! She’s my favorite new character introduced in episode two. Winslow was used here very well. At first I thought his appearance might be wasted, but I’m glad to see I was wrong. Winslow finally got his chance to shine here!

Elaine and Guybrush’s reunion was great, and Elaine’s revelation to Guybrush reminded me a lot of her know-how in the very first Monkey Island, so it was great to see that. The final revelation was very exciting. I can’t wait for more Tales from Telltale! :)

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