Rory Williams

Rory Williams is an English man who was engaged and then married the main companion of the eleventh doctor, Amy Pond, in the fifth series (31st season) of the British television series Doctor Who. He is played by Arthur Darvill. I really enjoy him and what he brings to the show. I like the dynamic of Rory and the doctor, as it reminds me of Rose and Mickey in the first and second series, but the bond of Amy and Rory seemed stronger than Rose and Mickey ever were. Rose fell in love with the doctor, whereas Amy seemed to have just fallen in love with the adventure he offered. She was shown to truly love her fiancé in "Amy's Choice".

The eleventh doctor met Rory when he came back twelve years after he first met Amy Pond as a little girl. Rory had dressed up as "the raggedy doctor" when he was a young boy playing with Amy. He had always thought the raggedy doctor was her imaginary friend, and was surprised to find out that he was real.

At the end of Flesh and Stone, the doctor finds out Amy is engaged to be married to Rory. He crashes Rory's bachelor party when he pops out of a cake intended to have a stripper girl inside. He invites Rory to become his companion on the TARDIS, and takes Amy and Rory to Venice circa 1580 as a wedding present.

In the episode "Cold Blood", Rory was shot by a Silurian. He was then absorbed by a crack in time and space that seems to have been following Amy throughout her life. At first, Amy had thought that she couldn't forget anyone since she was outside of normal time as a time traveler. It was revealed after Rory disappeared that even a time traveler would forget someone was ever born if that person was connected to their own personal time line. The doctor tried to help Amy remember Rory, but it was unsuccessful, and Amy soon forgot that Rory had ever existed.

He was not in the first season of [[Doctor Who The Adventure Games]], so the games must have taken place before the episode "The Pandorica Opens", when Rory is brought back to life as an Auton living plastic Roman soldier, who was placed there by the Nestene Consciousness to give false comfort to Amy Pond and the Doctor. As the Auton soldier, he stays with Amy Pond for 2,000 years while she is inside of the Pandorica. In the season finale, "The Big Bang", once the eleventh Doctor enters the crack in time, everything he has done (at least during his eleventh incarnation) appears to have been reset, and Rory is brought back to life as a flesh and blood human, along with Amy's previously missing parents, and the Doctor is forgotten in time. In the final scenes, Rory and Amy wed, and Amy remembers the Doctor with the help of River Song and her now blank diary. The Doctor is brought back into existence, leaving a room full of confused wedding attendees (which is reminiscent of "The Runaway Bride" and the Sarah Jane Adventures episode "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith"). The Doctor refers to Rory and Amy as Mr. and Mrs. Pond, rather than Williams (and does so again in the Sarah Jane Adventures episode "The Death of the Doctor").

In the episode "A Christmas Carol", Rory and Amy are on their honeymoon aboard a space liner with 4001 other passengers.

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