Rose Tyler

Rose Tyler is currently my favorite companion in the British Doctor Who television series. I like that the ninth doctor needed her to help him move on from the horrors he had to commit as the eighth doctor during the Time War, then the tenth doctor needed to lose her in order to gain a better perspective on humanity.

Rose Tyler is played by the British pop singer Billie Piper. She is the first companion to the ninth doctor, who she falls in love during their adventures.

She convinces the ninth Doctor to allow Adam Mitchell, a genius who Rose meets in Utah in 2012 in the episode "Dalek" to join Rose and the doctor in the TARDIS. He is only a companion for one trip, as he is left back home by the doctor after he tries to use information from the future for financial gain in "The Long Game".

Rose and the ninth Doctor meet Captain Jack Harkness on a trip to World War II London in 1941 during The Blitz, the eight month bombing of London by Nazi Germany. He saves Rose, who is caught on a rope tied to a barrage balloon, which she climbed to try to save a boy on top of a building. He uses a tractor beam to save her, and in doing so reveals himself to be from a different time. He recognizes her clothing as being from a different time as well, so he mistakes her for a time agent. He used to be a time agent himself, but has since gone freelance. When the doctor joins the pair, it is soon revealed that he is a con-man who tried to sell an alien spaceship, which turned out to be a medical vessel.

She brings Jack back from the dead during the last story of the Ninth doctor. The daleks have rebuilt their race from the lone Dalek survivors of the Time War. Rose is left back in her 21st century home in London by the Doctor, with a non-functioning TARDIS, since the Doctor feels that he and Jack will die in the battle and doesn't want the same fate to fall upon Rose. Mickey Smith, Rose's boyfriend, and Jackie Tyler, Rose's mom (both future companions of the tenth doctor), borrow a tow-truck from a friend. They use the tow truck to pull the covering off of the TARDIS console, and Rose looks into the heart of the TARDIS so she can connect with her (it's been implied the TARDIS is a living, female, being) directly and travel back to the Doctor and Jack.

Looking into the heart of the TARDIS has caused Rose to absorb all the TARDIS energy into herself, and she gains control over time and space. She uses this power to spread the words "Bad Wolf" over time so that she can warn the Doctor and herself about what is going to happen (the words are seen all over the first series, as well as some later ones). Jack has been killed by the Daleks, and Rose uses her powers to bring him back to life and to destroy the Dalek emporer and the entire Dalek army.

Rose begins to die due to the fact that no person can hold the energy of the TARDIS inside of them. The doctor kisses Rose to take the energy of the TARDIS out of Rose and put it into himself (but after the events of the tenth doctor, it would seem this kiss was more than just a means to an end). The ninth Doctor then succumbs to death himself, as he tells Rose that she and himself were fantastic, just as he regenerates into the tenth Doctor.

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