Sam & Max Season One

Sam & Max Season One (also known as Sam & Max Save the World) is the second game in the Sam & Max series. LucasArts was going to release a sequel to their 1993 adventure game Sam & Max Hit the Road. The game, titled simply Sam & Max: Freelance Police, was cancelled by LucasArts shortly before it's scheduled release date, even though the game was almost completed. LucasArts released a press release stating that they re-evaluated the "marketplace realities" and decided that they couldn't profit from an adventure game in the current market.

Since this put an end to the adventure game era at LucasArts, several employees (many of which were on the Freelance Police team) left to form Telltale Games. After the video game rights to the Sam & Max license expired at LucasArts, Steve Purcell granted Telltale Games those rights. After releasing three games, Telltale Games came full circle with the release of the first episode of their new episodic Sam & Max video game series, Culture Shock. This was followed by Situation Comedy, The Mole, The Mob, and the Meatball, Abe Lincoln Must Die, and Bright Side of the Moon, which on a whole made up Sam & Max Season: One.

I enjoyed each of these games, but I enjoyed the first, fourth, fifth, and sixth episodes more than the second and third due to the repetitive nature of these games before Telltale got the hang of things half way through the seasons. I thought they did a good job bringing the series together in the sixth episodes, but Telltale certainly got better at making all the episodes fit into one season-long narrative as their company became more experienced.

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