ScummVM is a program that runs various adventure games from many different companies. It started as a program to run LucasArts adventures using the SCUMM scripting language, but it has since grown to include many more games. There are now 183 games supported (not counting fan games or demos). I have only completed a fraction of those so far. :)

On, April 8, 2006, I joined the ScummVM team as a wiki editor and occasional code contributor.

I compile my own version of ScummVM, because I like to include the Gargoyle engine from the project that has engines that are deemed not suitable for ScummVM (or too incomplete), ScummVM-Misc. The Gargoyle engine is for the Inform interpreter, which is text adventures created by Infocom and for adventures on that system created by fans. I'm currently playing through the very first adventure ever made, Colossal Cave Adventure, which was converted to the Inform interpreter from it's original Fortran form.

It now supports Wintermute, an engine for creating your own adventure games, as part of the Summer of Code 2012 project. It's not part of a stable release yet, but it's available in the daily builds. It works pretty well for the games that don't use OGG video (ScummVM's OGG video decoder is very slow at the moment).

Most of the adventure games I play with ScummVM. You can see screenshots to the endings of those games here.

When the program entered version 1.0.0, it supported 100 games (not counting fan games or demos). 100 games for 1.0.0: that was a really cool coincidence! :)

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