Second Journal Page
February 16, 2009 - ScummVM and FreeSCI merge!
FreeSCI is for Sierra's adventure games for King's Quest IV onward. Soon, they will be playable in ScummVM! I love ScummVM. I was always a LucasArts fangirl, and very rarely strayed from those games. But when ScummVM and Revolution made Beneath a Steel Sky freeware, I decided to check it out, and I loved it. I bought Revolution's other games, and loved them too! So now, I'm playing more games I missed out on when they came out, like Sierra's games. I played the original Space Quest games when I was a little girl on my dad's computer, and enjoyed the humor in them. I bought King's Quest VI and Space Quest V later on, and enjoyed them both but never completed them. Now, with ScummVM (and Back to the Roots where the Amiga versions of most Sierra games are available to download for free), I can enjoy even more adventures. smiley.gif
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