segagenesis.png Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis was my first Sega video game console. I was always a Nintendo fan girl, but my friends had Sega systems. My parents had friends who owned a video store, and I was always in awe of their Sega Master System. I loved Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, and would play it on their Sega Master System whenever I came over. My parents had a one system policy though, and since I loved the NES so much, I definitely had to get the Super Nintendo. My best friend had a Genesis though, so I would play it whenever I went over to his house. When I was old enough that my parents let me work to earn some extra money, I bought myself a Genesis as soon as I could. I loved my Super Nintendo more, but I don't regret buying the Genesis one bit. I loved the platformers on that system. They all seemed really different from those on the SNES. I loved the Sonic the Hedgehog games, and Virgin made some of the best platformers on the Genesis in the 1990's. Cool Spot, Aladdin, and Lion King were all a whole lot of fun. I still play the Genesis from time to time just to experience some of those fun 2D platform games again. They had a whole bunch of charm, and all manage to stand the test of time very well.

I also owned the Sega Nomad, the portable Sega Genesis for a short time. It was a bunch of fun to play, since I loved the Sega Genesis. I just bought it for our highschool senior trip to Canada though, so I returned it once I got back. ;)

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