Aladdin was a platform game for the Sega Genesis by Virgin. It's based on the animated movie Aladdin by Disney. I love this game. It has so much charm, the gameplay is solid, the jumping mechanics are great, and the designers do so much with the platforming genre that I haven't seen anywhere else.

In my opinion, Virgin made the best platform games outside of Nintendo in the 1990's. Cool Spot, Lion King, and Aladdin were among the most fun games I've played on the Genesis. In Aladdin, Virgin tried a lot of neat things that I never saw in other platform games, and it worked well. They had sinking floors in the lamp levels, where Aladdin wouldn't have his footing too well, and he'd slowly sink down unless you had him jump. There were also things that were used in other platform games, but they had some real charm here. In the lamp level, there were platforms of differing sizes that would shrink and then reappear that were genie hands and little genie fingers that flicked you to the other side of the screen like the springs in Sonic the Hedgehog.

The animation was provided by Disney's own animators, so they were fantastic and bubbling with character. The guards would jump up and down in the "ow ow ow" animation when walking across hot coals, a large guard eating food would lose his shorts the first time you hit him, and the burly guards would taunt you before you got close to them. They also used a few voice samples that sounded really good on the Genesis hardware. The large guard would say "oooh" when he lost his pants, the burly guard shouted "Come on!" when he taunted you, and Genie would exclaim "yeah!" when you reached a midpoint.

The music in the game is digitized versions of the film's soundtrack, and sound really good considering the hardware limitations. The music that is unique to the game also is really good, catchy, and fits the Aladdin atmosphere perfectly. The boss music in particular is a real standout. I still have that music in my head as I'm typing this.

The game is based on the storyline of the movie, but like I mentioned in my reviews of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and The Black Cauldron, it's best when games based on movies stick to the story enough to be familiar but deviate enough to make things interesting. Virgin did things right when they made Aladdin, since the storyline is the same, but some of the intros to the levels is a bit different. But, the differences fit the story enough that it doesn't feel out of place.

This game is one of the highlights of platformers, and of games in general in the 1990's. It's definitely one of the best games based on movies that has ever been made. If you've never played this game before, you should. You won't be disappointed.

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