Short Cartoons

My current artistic endeavor is making short cartoons with Windows Movie Maker, MS Paint, Paint Shop Pro, and Paint.NET.

Original Toons:
My first original short cartoon, The Cupcake Topper, is an homage to the silent cartoons of the 1920's and 1930's. The music used in the cartoon is "The Entertainer" by Scott Joplin.

My second original short cartoon, New Year's Resolution, was my first animation created for the first January Animation Month challenge, and my first cartoon based on my webcomic, Jenni. The music used in the cartoon is "Happy New Year" by J.E.L.L.i.

My third original short cartoon is Slipping Serenity. It uses all of the animations I made for January Animation Month 2011 and is set to my song "Slipping Serenity", which I made during February Album Writing Month 2011.

Toons Based on Other People's Characters, Used With Permission:
I adapted one comic to a short cartoon called Jaggy the Jaguar that was made by a friend of mine named Jason Greene.

I made also made a short cartoon based on the Homestar Runner Short Short toons starring characters from every game released by Telltale Games for their 2010 Halloween Contest.

There are two cartoons I made that I am happy with the concept, but not with the execution. I have learned a lot about using sound in animation since then, and I want to fix the sound in them some time.

A Telltale Halloween (my entry in the 2009 Telltale Halloween Contest)

A Halloween Greeting 2009

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