Space Quest

Space Quest is the first game in the Space Quest series and the sixth game to use Sierra's AGI engine. It was later remade with enhanced graphics and interface with Sierra's later SCI engine. This version was the twentieth game to use the SCI engine.

I played Space Quest II a little bit when I was a little girl (although I wasn't very good at it), but I never played Space Quest until years later. A few years ago, I finally completed the game.

I never completed the SCI version, so I'll talk about the original AGI version here. Like all early Sierra games, there are many deaths and dead-ends. These games always contain the dreaded cliffs and stairs, where you die just fumbling with the interface.

But, all qualms aside with the interface, I did enjoy this game. An underdog is always fun, and you can't get more of an underdog story than a janitor saving the entire universe. The humor isn't as rampant as the later games in the series, but I did enjoy the humorous references that were there (such as ZZ Top playing in the bar).

The later adventures of Roger Wilco are more fun and funnier, but this one is worth a play, even if just to see where the whole story began.

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