Space Quest V

Space Quest V is the fifth game in the Space Quest series and the twenty-fifth game to use Sierra's SCI engine.

This game is my favorite so far, even without any voices (although I missed Gary Owens as the narrator ;)). It was great to finally see Roger as a captain. I loved how they fleshed Roger out as a character even more in this episode, and I loved the animation of Roger when he first tried to hide before the narrator corrected him. :D

Every character in this game was interesting and memorable. The parodies of the original Star Trek were great here. I didn’t watch the original show, but I watched most of the movies and I did see Trouble with Tribbles (mostly to see where the Deep Space Nine episode came from), so I got the jokes that directly referenced that episode. :)

I love where this story is going after the revelations learned from the time traveling in the last game, and the fact that Roger has now begun on the path towards that future. It’s just a shame that there never was any Space Quest past part 6. I would have loved to see what Space Quest was like when they finally reached the part X and part XII that were featured in the last game. :D

Interestingly, when I played through Space Quest V I realized I completed it when I was a little girl, but I didn’t remember that I did until I played through it again. I always used to buy Sierra games since I loved the art, but I only remember playing all the way through Freddy Pharcas. I wonder if there’s any more I’ve played through but forgot that I did?

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