Super Mario 64

Super Mario World was the only Super Mario game released for the Nintendo 64. Super Mario 64 is a great game. It brought the Super Mario 64 series into the 3D era beautifully. Everything translated perfectly, and the enemies were given a dose of personality to boot. I love the 3D incarnation of the goofy goombas, who walk around oafishly and then jump once they see you and move their little feet as fast as they can to catch you. The koopa troopas are also delightful in the translation, as they now run from you when they see you (no doubt traumatized after all those years of Mario taking their shells), and you can even surf on their shells if you can get them out of it.

I love the inclusion of MIPS the rabbit. The Super Mario series was inspired by Alice in Wonderland, so it’s great to see a tip of the hat towards the Alice novels with the rabbit who is in a hurry because he’s late for an appointment with Bowser.

The ending also makes me laugh every time with Mario subtly looking at the camera after Princess tells the Toads to bake a cake for Mario as a reward for his efforts as if Mario is thinking “I’ve gone through all this trouble just for a lousy cake?!” :P

I now own Super Mario 64 again through the Virtual Console. I have a Playstation controller to Gamecube adapter, and I play it that way. It works surprisingly well with the Dualshock 2. I think I might even prefer it to the original controller (although I liked the Nintendo 64's controller).

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