Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. was the first game in the Super Mario Bros. series. It was a continuation of the Mario Bros. concept introduced in the arcades, which gave Mario from Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. a brother named Luigi, who was just a palette-swapped version of Mario.

In Super Mario Bros., Shigeru Miyamoto set Mario and Luigi off in a side-scrolling platform game set in the Mushroom Kingdom, with play mechanics influenced by the Alice in Wonderland series of books.

In Christmas of 1988, our family was like many other families in the United States, in that we got a Nintendo Entertainment System. The system came with a two game cartridge containing Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt.

No one in my family had a lot of free time after that, as everyone was busy playing Super Mario Bros. We all had our favorite levels. My mom loved the under water levels, my dad loved the levels with the mushroom platforms in the sky, my sister loved the underground levels, and I loved the above ground levels.

We all couldn’t get the catchy music out of our head after playing it, and it stuck in our heads even after we went to work or school. There hasn’t been a game since “Super Mario Bros.” that has captured my entire family’s attention with such intensity.

I still play this game occasionally even today, and it brings back many fond memories of this game. I remember when I finally got to the ending, it was such a thrill for me. Though my mom was watching and had no idea that the pink blob was supposed to be a Princess. Heh, I guess that’s why they decided to call her Princess Toadstool. :)

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