Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 is my favorite Super Mario game on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The Super Mario games were a family affair at my house. Everyone loved them. My dad’s favorite was the original, my mom’s favorite was the second, and my favorite was the third.

Like many children of the 1980’s, I just had to have the game after I saw it at the end of “The Wizard”. I also had to have the power glove after seeing it in the movie as well, but that went into permanent storage in a drawer almost as soon as I got it. ;)

This is the first game in the series that I felt like I just had to explore the game, even after I learned about the warp whistles. I loved the suits that you could change into. There was the frog suit which made you swim straight across instead of bobbing up and down, the raccoon tail that let you fly in the sky, and the hammer brothers suit that let you throw hammers. My favorites though were the giant green shoe that let you hop over piranha plants and the Tanooki suit. This let you turn into a raccoon that could fly, but could also turn into a statue and stand still, becoming invincible for a while.

I absolutely loved the Koopa kids! They all had their own attacks against Mario, and you had to get their wand away from them to turn 7 kings from animals back into mushroom people. The Mario games always were a little quirky, and this one was the quirkiest. I also really loved the little nod back to the original game in the speech by the Princess at the end of the game.

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