Super Mario World

Super Mario World was the first Super Mario game released for the Super Nintendo. What a way to bring in the next system! I remember reading about this game in Nintendo Power before the Super Nintendo came out and wanting this game so badly.

It definitely didn’t disappoint. While this game wasn’t as quirky as Super Mario Bros. 3, it definitely took the best parts of that game and improved upon them. In this game, flying was done via a cape rather than a raccoon tail. Now, you could fly as long as you could keep air in your cape. Some levels allowed you to fly right past them, while others had obstacles in the way that required you to swoop down to avoid them in order to keep flying.

My favorite part of this game though would have to be Yoshi. Who ever knew riding a dinosaur would be so much fun. :)

Yoshi would eat enemies and turn them into coins. He would also eat shells, which would give him abilities based on the color they were. My favorite was the purple shell, which gave Yoshi wings and allowed him to fly in the air with much more grace than Mario.

One of my favorite things about this game was that the Koopa kids were back! I loved them in Super Mario Bros. 3, and I was glad to see them back again. Their attacks were even kookier this time, and each sibling had a different pattern of attack that you had to overcome before you could bop them on their heads. I would love to see a comeback of the Koopa kids in a new Mario game.

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