snesicon.pngSuper Nintendo Entertainment System

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES, was Nintendo's second video game console released outside of Japan. I was a Nintendo fanatic when I was a little girl, ever since I first got an NES for Christmas. I had to see The Wizard, mostly because I loved Fred Savage :), but also because of the Nintendo product placements that they showed in the commercial. The Wizard made me really want to go to the Nintendo World Championships, and my dad did take my sister and myself to them at the Meadowlands arena in New Jersey.

And, of course, I read Nintendo Power every month. The magazine’s previews of the Super Nintendo made me really excited for the system. The year that it came out, I bugged my parents to get me one for Christmas. I’m really glad that they did get it for me, because I loved just about every game that I played for that system.

It introduced the Mario Kart franchise with Super Mario Kart, which is still one of my favorite game series. RPGs are now one of my favorite genres, and I completed my first RPG ever on the system with Super Mario RPG.

Nintendo also seemed to be a lot more generous with their games at this time, remaking some of their NES games with updated graphics and bundling them together on one cartridge, rather than releasing the remakes separately like they do today.

I’ve played a lot of different video game systems over the years, but the Super Nintendo is probably my favorite out of the bunch. The system has a lot of my favorite games, and also a lot of my fondest video game-related memories.

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