The Black Cauldron

I found out the Amiga versions of a lot of Sierra AGI and SCI games are available to download legally from Back to the Roots, so I decided to finally try and complete some Sierra games.

The first game I finished was The Black Cauldron. I’ve always loved the Disney film ever since I first saw it as a little girl, so when I saw it in the list, I knew I had to play it.

I enjoyed it quite a bit. Using ScummVM it was (mostly) point-and-click. What a program! I don’t know what an adventuress such as myself would do without it.

All the love it or hate it aspects of Sierra’s early adventure games are here. You will die in the game a lot, so follow the Sierra motto: “Save early, save often”.

However, the Black Cauldron did things right exactly as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade did over at Lucasfilm Games. It stuck to the story enough so that if you were a fan of the movie you could play some of the best parts, but it differed from the story enough to not be too derivative. I was also pleasantly surprised to see some of Al Lowe’s trademark humor made it’s way in there.

Also, apparently it has many different possible endings! I guess I’m going to have to play it through again to see some of those. But first, I think I’ll play through another Sierra game. :)

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