The Cupcake Topper

The Cupcake Topper was my first original short cartoon. I wanted it to be symbolic, in that it was my first short toon, to recall the style of the first short toons made in the 1920's, especially the early shorts by Disney. I used a famous music piece from that era (well, the 1900's) called "The Entertainer" by Scott Joplin, one of my favorite songs, which is most well known by children from my generation as the song used on ice cream trucks. :)

The chef's eyes have a pie shape, which was a popular style to use for characters at that time, and visible eye-lashes, which was (and still is) widely used on female characters. The action is synchronized to the music, which I have been informed on my Newgrounds page for the toon is called "Mickey Mousing". This is very appropriate, as it was meant to evoke feelings of the Mickey and Oswald shorts of the era. :)

The toon was finished on July 14, 2009, after several months, and fine-tuning thanks to constructive criticism by my Mom after she first previewed it, on my YouTube page.

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