The Dig

The Dig is the eleventh game to use the SCUMM scripting language. It is one of the few LucasArts adventure games that I did not complete when I was younger. In fact, I finally completed this game just last year.

I’m not quite sure why I never took the time to finish it before. I always loved the animation in this game. The cutscenes feel so cinematic, which is perfect since this is a project conceived by Stephen Spielberg. The voice acting is great, and the storyline is intriguing.

If anything, it probably has to do with it’s more serious tone. The other LucasArts adventures, with the exception of Loom, are all comedic adventures. When I was a young girl, I suppose I loved the LucasArts adventures because of their humor rather than their compelling storylines.

Now that I’m an adult, I appreciate story in any medium more, so I have a new found appreciation for The Dig. The storyline in The Dig is very compelling. It has many interesting turns, especially once you’re knee-deep into the search of the alien planet.

The Dig isn’t among my favorite adventure games, but The Dig is definitely worthy of it’s place among the other LucasArts adventure games. The animation in the cutscenes is still beautiful, even today. And the story is quite compelling. It’s well worth experiencing at least once.

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