The Eleventh Hour

The Eleventh Hour was the first episode of the fifth series (31st season) of the British television series Doctor Who, and was the first episode to star Matt Smith as the eleventh doctor. In this episode, the TARDIS crashes in a backyard in Leadworth, Gloucestershire in England in April 1996. A little Scottish girl named Amelia Pond was praying that the mysterious crack on her bedroom wall would disappear. She heard the TARDIS landing, and went to investigate. She sees the doctor climb out of the smoking TARDIS, appearing quite disheveled and suffering from the mild madness that is brought upon by the regeneration process. He tells her that he is hungry and that he loves apples. It turns out that this body hates apples, and he then finds out he also hates yogurt, bacon, beans, and bread and butter. The food that he finally finds that he enjoys is fish sticks and custard (dubbed fish custard by the Doctor).

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