The Siege Of Spinner Cay

OK, I completed chapter two of Tales of Monkey Island, The Siege of Spinner Cay. First off, I have to mention the pirate hunter Morgan LeFlay. I haven’t liked a new character this much ever. Murray was fun, but Morgan is awesome. She is a huge fan of Guybrush and studied all his moves, so she is an even match for our hero. Even more than that, she’s skilled at pirating rather than inept, although she doesn’t know that of course, so she’s too much for our hero to handle without resorting to inventory tricks. Which is how Guybrush gets through every situation of course, which was fun to see. But, wow, Morgan is ruthless. She took his hand and took off. There’s been jokes about Guybrush not looking like a pirate since he still has all his appendages and his eyes are still in his sockets. Well, he’s more of a pirate now it would seem since he now has a hook for a hand!

As for the other new characters, I liked the ambiguous merpeople. Anenome was my favorite, but I also liked Tetra a lot. I felt genuinely bad when Guybrush made the fish joke and Tetra swam away. I expected that I’d come back up and Tetra would be up there again, but sadly I guess the “I hate you now” remark was true. :(

I also liked the how the merleader’s dignified demeanor would be completely shattered when you offered the bait as a snack. There’s nothing dignified about slurping down food. :)

Elaine is back to her usual strong self, which I’m really glad to see. Ron Gilbert offered up some advice on characters, situations, and locations during the brainstorming sessions of Tales, and it shows. Elaine’s ship sank in the first chapter, but she appears in the second unharmed. She can clearly take care of herself. Not only that, but when Guybrush finds her, she’s attempting to diffuse a heated argument brought on by the pox of LeChuck. It’s nice to see her use her diplomacy skills again. I actually enjoyed that part of Escape, when she went door to door trying to get support back for her place as Melee Island governor over Charles L Charles.

She did need rescuing later in the episode, but it was something that could have happened to anyone, and she was right on her feet and running away as soon as Guybrush lifted the obstacle off her. She may be a pirate princess as described by Charles in Escape, but she’s definitely one of the few princesses in video games who don’t fit the damsel in distress mold, and I’m glad to see her here as tough as ever.

The forest scenes were definitely a red herring. The weather vane on the Screaming Narwhal made me think, “oh no not again”, but thankfully there were no more tedious maze puzzles.

The scenes with the pyrite parrot were fun, and I enjoyed the pirates on the large island of Spinner Cay. Pirates that are even more inept than Guybrush are always fun. :)

LeChuck was probably the most fun part of this episode. I like his human form. It’s fun to see him trying to help rather than trying to kill. It’s a refreshing change. The scenes where Guybrush tries to tell him how to use inventory are hilarious! I want to play the game through again to try all inventory combinations to see LeChuck’s reactions. :)

This one had an even bigger cliffhanger than the last. I can’t wait to play part three. :D

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