The Trial And Execution Of Guybrush Threepwood

I finished The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood. It started out slow, but it picked up towards the middle. I liked the use of Stan, in both of his business ventures. It was great to be able to go inside Club 41. I enjoyed the judge character a lot. :)

I thought Morgan was handled well in her guilt, and the poxed Elaine was fun to watch. :D

The revelations in this episode were what made me enjoy it so much! I really liked the Voodoo Lady’s revelations. This is what I meant in my Escape from Monkey Island review when I said that the Monkey Island 4 plot inconsistencies could be explained by voodoo. They haven’t been explained yet, but after this revelation, they certainly can be easily explained in future games.

LeChuck’s actions didn’t surprise me, but the quickness of his actions did! They handled the emotional moments really well. The game actually brought me to tears. I know Telltale is thinking about doing dramatic games. If this is any indication of their ability in scripting dramatic scenes, then they are definitely very capable of drama.

The final chapter should be a doozy, but after this chapter they’ve got me wanting more seasons rather than more chapters. I really didn’t expect I’d want more Monkey Island games so badly. Way to go Telltale!

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