Thirty Eighth Journal Entry

May 12, 2011
Mood: Odd
Listening to: Fan Blowing

I've been updating this wiki, but it's been a while since I've blogged here. In January, I started the January Animation Month monthly challenge and I made 31 animations during the month of January. On February 1st, I joined the February Album Writing Month and made my first song and a short cartoon music video out of my JAM animations: Slipping Serenity.

My sister had her baby shower in March and I dusted off my cake baking skills and made her some cupcakes with candy pacifiers on top. She had her baby boy on March 29th.

Yesterday I won a contest from Adventure Gamers for one of Telltale's episodic games, a raunchy game called Hector: We Negotiate With Terrorists. It's actually by an animation studio called Straandlooper, but Telltale ported it to the PC. It's quite unlike the games I usually like, but I did end up enjoying it after all.

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