Twenty Fifth Journal Entry
November 23, 2009 - Even More Contests Like NaNoWriMo! Post a Comment
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NaNo Word Count: 10,640
Here's some more contests that sound like fun that I might do one year:

February: Thing-A-Day - Do some sort of art every day (a craft, a drawing, a photo, etc)
February: Knitting Olympics - complete a knitting project during the Winter Olympics (02/12 - 02/28)
June & November: NaNoMangO (Held twice a year) - Do 30 comic pages in 30 days

And here's a couple that last more than a month, but sound like fun:
January 1 - December 31: Project 365 - Take a picture a day every day for a year.
July - October: 50/90 or 50 Songs In 90 Days - Write 50 songs in 90 days

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